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We are Global

Growth Virtual, while based in the heart of Ohio, is proudly a remote-first company with a globally distributed workforce.

This ensures that we are able to hire high quality talent that are dedicated, highly skilled, passionate, and have the ability to work from anywhere.

We use Trello, Pipelines, Zoom, Loom, ConnecTeam, Project Management and Collaboration to work together and ensure their is a high level of trust and communication with each other and with our clients.

Our Team

We love to solve challenges and give businesses a fresh set of eyes to see how we can help unlock untapped potential.

Whether it’s streamlining systems, marketing, leveraging new or existing assets, creating a business action plan,
engaging new talent, building in more efficient technology, business legacy planning or more.

We collaborate with you, together, to help provide solutions for today, tomorrow, and the future.

"We only hire the BEST... Hiring the BEST is our most important task!”

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Degrees Held: BSc IT, BSc Business Administration, BA Human Resources, BSc Sciences, BSc Environmental Science,
BA Marketing, BA Psychology, BA Art and Design, and BScEducation